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Priyanka Arya Krishnan

actor + creator
allow me to delight you for money 

Priyanka Arya Krishnan - Reviews

Priyanka has greasepaint in her veins.

She is an Indian American actor, based in New York City, and is a highly trained Bharatanatyam dancer.


 After earning a degree in architecture, Priyanka followed her passion for performing, and quickly gained recognition for her work on stage and screen.


She loves stand-up comedy, and uses her wit and charm to entertain audiences. Priyanka is a truly unique performer, with a talent for connecting with her audience and captivating them with her stories and performances.

also this derpy bio was entirely written by chatGPT.


currently an optimist

we'll see what happens.


who are you

1 tbsp kindness

1 tbsp curiosity

a dollop of  frothy irreverence


serve fresh

Priyanka Arya Krishnan - Actress


we'll see what happens.

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Priyanka Arya Krishnan-Stewart Talent

Bonnie Shumofsky Bloom


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